Are you ready to have more influence, impact and income?

Take a moment and imagine what becomes possible when you believe in yourself 100% 💭💭💭

When you've stopped worrying about how you might come across, about what the 'right' way to do things is, about whether you're good enough to take on that next challenge and instead you're approaching each task with the ease of a seasoned barista making the perfect flat white—smooth, assured, and with just the right amount of foam.

Here, in this space, I invite you to shed the shoulds and the doubts. You're not just attending meetings; you're leading them. You're not just part of the conversation; you're steering it.

This is about transforming from feeling like an impostor to being an influencer. It's your time to rise, and to help you do that, I've curated a selection of both free and paid resources. From insightful quizzes and empowering worksheets to transformative courses and exclusive workshops, each is designed to propel you towards not just meeting, but exceeding your leadership potential.

Explore, engage, and elevate your career today.

What have you got to lose?

Confidence is the last thing you need to step up into a leadership role!


I used to think if I just had more confidence I could show people how ready I am to be a leader...

Until I realised so many of the women around me in leadership roles still didn't have confidence in themselves.

What did they have?


My gift to you, is the Courage to Lead course - the first step in claiming your leadership role. 

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Tune in to the Her Leadership Coach Podcast

Join me on the 'Her Leadership Coach' podcast, serving up tips as fresh as herbs straight from the garden (if your green thumb is better than mine). It’s the perfect mix of zesty advice and fun for sprucing up your leadership skills.

Each episode is packed with fresh, practical insights to help you cultivate a thriving leadership style, regardless of whether you're planting your first seeds of leadership or you’re already flourishing in full bloom.

Ready to grow? Tune in and transform your approach with every enlightening episode.


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Frustrated with your bosses lack of leadership and wondering if you'll ever get promoted?


Want to learn the secret that will bring more joy into your work day so you never have to suffer from Mondayitis again?

How about how to get your boss singing your praises, even when you’re not in the room, so you can get promoted that much quicker?

Then this free workbook is just what you've been looking for.


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Here's what some inspirational women leaders have to say...

Erika W

I am absolutely thrilled with my experience in the AYL Platinum Program led by Rochelle. Being part of this community of ambitious women striving for both career success and personal fulfillment has been an incredibly enriching journey.

One of the most remarkable aspects has been the opportunity to openly exchange perspectives and insights with such a diverse and inspiring group of women. Hearing about their varied experiences in navigating the challenges of leadership roles has been both humbling and empowering.

Rochelle's skilful facilitation ensures that each session is not only productive but also deeply meaningful. She fosters an inclusive environment where everyone's voice is valued, and where growth and development flourish.

Moreover, the individual sessions have been nothing short of transformative for me. Through personalised guidance and support, I've gained invaluable insights into areas crucial for my professional advancement.

In short, the AYL Platinum Program has exceeded my expectations in every way. I feel privileged to be part of this community and am confident that the skills and knowledge I've gained will bolster my confidence and equip me with the tools needed to overcome any future challenges that come my way.


Confidence ebbs when you return from maternity leave. So when I was really at my lowest I turned to Her Leadership Way. I am rebuilding. I am learning, changing, adapting, to become the leader I want to be. To become the leader whom others aspire and want to be led by.

It’s a confronting journey my friends. You will be challenged about your perceptions and really test the elasticity of your neuroplasticity. It’s a safe space to explore your challenges and work on opportunities. For me, within months of beginning this journey I am now back on the leadership path.

*My client wishes to remain annonymous for work reasons

Karin H

Rochelle is great. Very real, experienced and caring. No BS. Calls it as she sees it, with empathy. Just a 'normal' woman with the same issues as the rest of us. Has been there, done that, and practises what she preaches. 

Through Accelerate Your Leadership I have definitely improved my confidence and mindset. I have become more aware of where negativity or limiting beliefs creep in. The coaching hotseats kept me accountable, which is important to me.

Are you ready to take ACTION?

Let's stop waiting for your career to happen to you!

Whether you're aiming to break into leadership or are already leading but feel like you haven't fully tapped into your potential, you're in the right place. Many women find themselves grappling with a 'glass ceiling' or stuck under what feels more like a 'glass shelf'—somewhere between reaching their full potential and feeling truly part of the leadership echelon. It's time to break through these barriers.

The Accelerate Your Leadership Platinum Program is not just a course—it's a catalyst for significant career transformation. Embark on this journey to challenge, change, and ultimately, to champion your own path to leadership success. You deserve a role where you not only belong but excel.

Envision a future where you wield the influence and impact you are called to have—where your voice is not just heard but eagerly anticipated, and your leadership not only acknowledged but celebrated.

Ready to embrace your full leadership potential? Click the button below to discover how the Accelerate Your Leadership Platinum Program can transform your career. Start your journey to becoming the leader you are destined to be—today!

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Her Leadership Way Manifesto

Ready to transform from a leader on paper to a leader at heart? Grab your free Her Leadership Way Manifesto and start your journey towards genuine leadership.

This manifesto is your guide to gaining clarity, confidence, and calm as you embrace your inner leader, reduce stress, and enhance your ability to nurture growth in others. Get your hands on this invaluable complimentary resource and begin paving your path to impactful leadership today. 

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Avengers leadership quiz

Yes, I'm a Marvels nerd - and what better way to understand your leadership style than taking a Marvel themed leadership quiz!

Digital milestone cards

Sprinkle a little magic into your leadership journey with our Her Leadership Way Digital Milestone Cards!

Crafted to celebrate every step of your leadership path, they're perfect for a dash of inspiration or a hearty congratulation. Use them to brighten your desktop with motivational wallpapers or to cheer on your team's fantastic feats.

Ready to create smiles and spark motivation? 

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