Get that role where you can make a difference

Step into a leadership role where you can make a difference - because you're a mum, not in spite of it.

If you’re like most career mums I work with who have recently got back to your career, you’ve probably lost a bit of self-confidence along the way. 

And that’s normal!

You’ve had time out of corporate life to raise your kids. When you step back into it, it’s easy to forget who the real you is outside of being a mum. It’s easy to think ‘it’s just a job, I have a family to take care of’.

Sooner or later, however, you find yourself searching for more out of your career, something bigger than those day to day tasks and to do lists. Something that helps reclaim the you that was ‘on her way’ in your early career.

It’s not that being a mum isn’t rewarding, it’s that you know reaching for big goals is the best way to show your kids what is possible for them. You know there is so much more to you, and you’re ready to share it with the world.

And the world needs you (as do your kids)

confident working mum

You probably already know that being an amazing leader is about more than being good at the technical stuff. 

Yet how many managers do you see around you that were promoted for that very reason – and then struggle to lead. Time and again I am having conversations with women who are suffering at the hands of managers who have no people skills, no vision and too often, no care factor.

So when I know women like you are ready to step up to lead in a role where they can make a difference I am so excited. 

You have within you the courage, the strength and the heart to lead people in a way that allows them to show up fully, to look forward to coming to work, and to then contribute to the world in their own way.

Step into your leadership power

The fact that you’re reading this means that you are already thinking about whether you can really do this.

I get that you might be a little sceptical. I mean, right now it all seems a little bit frustrating. It seems like life is pulling you in all directions and you’re not sure which way to go. 

But I’m here to tell you, you CAN do this. It is possible to be there for your family AND be a leader who makes a difference at work. You can be a role model to your children AND take care of yourself.

My client told me that since enrolling in my program she has stepped back into her confidence and has her guiding light to see her through to the next phase.

She is stepping into the courageous, caring and utterly unique leader that she is and ready to share her quiet (and occasionally loud) power with the world.

It is easy to imagine what could be possible for you too, is it not?

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What These Goddesses Have To Say About Working With Rochelle...

...importantly I think I became a stronger me because of her. Rochelle showed me coping mechanisms for when I felt overwhelmed. She encouraged me to believe in myself, as this was one of my weaknesses. Rochelle made me look at things from different perspectives, which helped me in my decision making. She has such a calm disposition and this is why people open up to her.
Nicole H
Since working with Rochelle I feel far more confident in my abilities. I also really appreciate the approach she takes that we almost always have the answers ourselves. That has definitely prompted me to stop and think and put more effort into considering road blocks or problems rather than assuming that I don't know enough
Veronica M
Rochelle was fantastic to work with. She is an expert at asking the right kinds of questions to lead me to the answers I couldn't find on my own. She often saw beyond the words I said, and dove into the meaning behind them, thus bringing out new ideas, solutions, and a pathway to help me move forward. She was kind, inviting, and I would absolutely recommend her services.
Jaycie V

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