Are you ready to step into a leadership role where you can make a difference?

If you’re like many of the career women I work with who are ready to step up into a leadership role you’re probably feeling frustrated with the time it's taking to get promoted.

You're likely feeling overworked (at work and at home) and overlooked.

Maybe you're starting to wonder if a leadership role isn't actually on the cards.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You are good at your job. 

Over time you've worked your way up inside a large organisation to a role where you know what you are doing and you do it well. That's not just ego talking, others have let you know what a great job you're doing.

And while that feels good, you're not one to let yourself get too comfortable.

You find yourself searching for your next challenge, searching for more out of your career. You have more to accomplish and you're looking to make a bigger difference in the organisation and the people in it. 

You work hard.

You take pride in what you're doing, and that comes with putting in the hours to do it well. Sure, there are late nights or early mornings, probably a few too many if you're honest... but that just shows your dedication.

You care.

Not only do you care about doing a good job, for your customers or stakeholders as much as for yourself, you also care about your colleagues, your team. You want to be the kind of leader who makes a difference in their lives. Who lifts them up rather than tears them down - you've seen managers who do that so you know all too clearly how you don't want to lead.

You feel stuck.

You're pretty sure all of these things will make you a good leader... and while you're quietly determined to make it, so far, you're not getting there. You might be thinking

  • if I just had more confidence
  • if they could just see how hard I work
  • if they just knew what a difference I could make

...then I would surely get promoted to a leadership role.

You need to know the world needs you now more than ever

You know that being an amazing leader is about more than being good at the technical stuff. 

Yet how many managers do you see around you that were promoted for that very reason – and then struggle to lead. Time and again I am having conversations with women who are suffering at the hands of managers who have no people skills, no vision and too often, no care factor.

So when I know women like you are ready to step up to lead in a role where they can make a difference I am so excited. 

You have within you the courage, the strength and the heart to lead people in a way that allows them to show up fully, to look forward to coming to work, and to then contribute to the world in their own way.

You are exactly what this mixed up world needs in a leader.


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Step into your leadership power

The fact that you’ve got this far tells me you are ready to unleash your potential and step into a leadership role.

I get that you might have that small voice of doubt. Or that feeling of not knowing what to do next.

If you're like many of my clients, you think you're ready, you're just not sure how to convince others you are.

I’m here to tell you, you CAN do this.

It is possible to show others you are more than capable of being a leader without needing to pretend you're someone you're not.


One of my clients told me that since enrolling in the Acelerate your Leadership Academy, not only did she get promoted, while working part time to balance work and young children, she has also never felt so 'zen', and let me tell you, she has a lot going on right now.

She has stepped into the courageous, caring and utterly unique Next Level Leader that she is and ready to share her quiet (and occasionally loud) power with the world.

It is easy to imagine what could be possible for you too, is it not?

What if I showed you a way to stop being overlooked?

 A way to take control of your career and become the Next Level Leader you are called to be?

It’s time you joined me and the other inspiring women in the  facebook group designed for aspiring leaders just like you. A place where you can learn more, take action, and connect in a positive, moan free zone.

Oh, did I mention it's free?

No more excuses! It's your time to give your goals, your needs, the priority they deserve.


What These Next Level Leaders Have To Say About Working With Rochelle...


Nicole H.

Importantly I think I became a stronger me because of her. Rochelle showed me coping mechanisms for when i felt overwhelmed. She encouraged me to believe in myself, as this was one of my weaknesses. Rochelle made me look at things from different perspectives, which helped me in my decision making. She has a calm disposition and this is why people open up tp her. 

Veronica M.

Since working with Rochelle I felt far more confident in my abilities. I also really appreciate the approach she takes that we almost always have the answers ourselves. That has definitely prompted me to stop and think and put more effort into considering road blocks or problems rather than assuming that I don't know enough

Jaycie V. 

Rochelle was fantastic to work with. She is an expert at asking the right kinds of questions to lead me to the answers I couldn't find on my own. She often saw beyond the words I said, and dove into the meaning behind them, thus bringing out new ideas, solutions, and a pathway to help me move forward. She was kind, inviting, and I would absolutely recommend her services.

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