What I have learned so far from running...

connection growth inner work leadership mindset visbility Jul 14, 2021
My husband and I are about to go for a run this morning!
We’ve been using one of those apps to help us go from nothing to actually running - it’s called ‘none to run’ which I think is pretty apt for us.
Each week we run 3 times at particular intervals, then we are meant to ‘graduate’ to the next level.
And every time the next level up looks impossible to me.
Inside I’m thinking ‘are you kidding me… I’m not ready for that, I’m barely coping with this level’.
And I give myself some pretty good ‘reasons’ why it’s just fine not to try the next level.
  • You haven’t run for 5 days, there’s no point leveling up today
  • You’re doing great with what you’re doing, you don’t need to do any more
  • Nobody else will even know if I just stay at this level, I don’t need to tell anyone
I mean, they sound pretty legit to me, right? And then I get out of my own way, and I do it anyway… and 80% of the time I make it!
I’m surprised every single time. You’d think I would have got it by now and yet still, right now I’m procrastinating on trying the next level up.
I am now able to run 20 minutes without stopping and honestly I never would have believed that was possible if you’d told me that I’d be doing that at the beginning of the year.
I feel pretty proud of myself to be honest. I even feel proud of myself the times I tried the next level up and didn’t quite make it.
Because I tried, and I progressed at least a little, each time.
Which tells me (damn it) that today I need to try the next level and run 22 minutes non-stop.
So here’s my question for you…
When you think about going to the next level up, what ‘really legitimate reasons’ are you giving yourself to not take action?
I invite you to think about these today. Take some time and journal them. Bring them to the light of day…
Then share with us what comes up for you when you look at these.
Please enjoy this photo I took after I completed my first 20 minute run! 

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