Staying in Corporate Takes Courage

leadership women only work Apr 28, 2024

Some people ask me why I don’t open up my leadership group and courses to entrepreneurs. After all, entrepreneurs also need leadership skills right?

Of course they do. And it would be easy to invite everyone in, to increase the number of potential clients I can work with... only there’s a really, really important reason I stay focused on quietly determined career women.

Because I truly believe we need more women in leadership positions now more than ever.

And not just any women.

  • Women who are leaders on the inside.
  • Women who think before they speak, but they do speak up, and when they do, it’s for what’s right rather than from ego.
  • Women who bring empathy to their teams and their customers.
  • Women who are curious, innovative and determined to make a positive difference in the world, for everyone.

Because if we don’t... if we continue to lose women from our organisations, from our government agencies, from our not for profits... at the same rate we have been the last few years, then guess what we’re left with?

We’re left with going back to men making all of the decisions, about our products and services, the policies we live within, what good leadership looks like – and more. And I don’t know about you, but I don’t think they’ve done a great job for at least half the population – but more like 90% of the population to date.

Leaving corporate and starting a business takes courage – and so does staying in corporate. Staying in environments that weren’t built for us, in conditions that don’t suit us (please, please somebody raise the temperature), with many hurdles to climb that most men don’t have to.

So this is where I’m staying. Helping quietly determined career women to grow in courage and in confidence, so our organisations, and ultimately our world become better places for everyone.

Let me know in the comments if you’re up for the challenge!

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