How clear are you on the strengths you bring to the table?

growth inner work leadership mindset Apr 28, 2024

How clear are you on the strengths you bring to the table?

I’ve done a few of the strengths assessments over the years which I’ve found super interesting. My favourite is the Clifton Strengths assessment, and my top strength came out as Relator. A "Relator" is someone often sought for their views on various subjects, carefully weighing facts before expressing themselves, and finding satisfaction in sharing knowledge and experiences. They create a safe environment for discussion and connect meaningfully with others, appreciating engaging conversations and the opportunity to pass along skills and insights.

When I first read that description, I really resonated with it, and it also made me realise how I had overlooked this trait as a strength. Maybe you've seen a similar pattern within yourself, where something feels so natural it doesn’t seem like a strength at all.

Being a "Relator" means I enjoy sharing my point of view with those who ask, “What do you think?” I love reading and learning and applying the learning to different situations, and then passing along knowledge and experiences. It's not just about speaking my mind; it's about weighing facts with care and providing insights that can help others. This understanding has allowed me to embrace my natural ability to connect and lead.

But like any strength, it requires balance. While my inclination to impart knowledge and express my ideas has helped me in my leadership journey, it has also made me aware of the potential pitfalls. If I only focus on what I think and not enough on understanding others, I miss the richness of different perspectives.

This is where one of my other top strengths, empathy, comes into play. As a coach and mentor, my empathetic nature ensures that I don’t just speak but actively listen. It's a balancing act that allows me to connect on a deeper level, valuing the emotions and thoughts of those I work with. It keeps my "Relator" strength in check, ensuring that I offer guidance without dominating or overshadowing.

Understanding these strengths has taught me valuable lessons:

  • Natural abilities are often our true strengths. Embracing them can lead to personal satisfaction and more impactful leadership.
  • Why recognising our strengths can lead to more effective leadership. It helps us embrace our strengths, inspire and lead from our authentic selves.
  • The importance of balance. Embracing our strengths but not letting them run unchecked ensures they don't become our weaknesses.

So, I invite you to consider: What natural ability might you be overlooking as a strength in your life? How could embracing it create more authentic connections and leadership opportunities?

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