Hey! I’m Rochelle Marie.

I work with amazing women who have taken time out of their career to raise their kids and are now ready to move into that role where they can make a difference as a leader.

I love seeing them gain clarity and regain confidence in who they are (both as a woman and a leader) and watching them take back control of their leadership journey.

Sounds good, right?

After returning to my career from a 12 year gap where I raised my children and worked in ‘just jobs’, I started getting frustrated with the pace in which I was progressing when I knew I had more to give.

So I took the time to work out what was really going on and I discovered 3 powerful lessons:

  • The traditional ways we are told lead to promotion and leadership roles don’t work for women as well as they do for men.
  • Knowing and embracing who you are is powerful – don’t let someone else’s story become your own. Your life, your rules.
  • There has always been a Leader within, you just have to step back into her with confidence and allow her to shine. She’s there, trust me.

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Here’s just some of the things the ladies are saying in the group…

“Love your passion, courage and tenacity Rochelle. Thank you for your heart and actions!”

“I love that you’re looking at this!”

“Rochelle Marie hmmm. Good call. Let me ‘whiteboard’ that one and I’ll get back to you (it’s just the way I work lol)”

More about Rochelle Marie…

My days are split between working in a job that I love, being a mum (and step mum) to nine beautiful humans (near and far) AND empowering and inspiring women who have returned to their careers after spending time raising their kids. Rather than feeling frustrated with how slowly things are progressing my clients level up their leadership and land that position where they can make a difference.
👉 I led a team of volunteers working in the Athletes Village at the Sydney Olympics (how is that 20 years ago?)
👉 I have an entrepreneurial spirit, kicked off at 10 selling flowers out the front of my great-grandmother’s house (beautiful Chrysanthemums my father used to grow) along with the occasional pumpkin.
👉 I am a coffee snob and not ashamed to admit it, always in search of the perfect latte from random coffee shops my husband and I find on our travels

👉 I published and sold a book across the world helping Mumpreneurs find the time for business and family (without losing their sanity!). 

👉 I was interviewed live on breakfast TV, by multiple radio stations and have appeared in many magazine and newspaper articles.

🤜🏼 Live and work somewhere in the south of France for at least 3 months. I have visions of cobblestoned streets, lattes and croissants at an outdoor café table, typing away on my laptop (not a romantic at all 😃)
🤜🏼 Have lunch with Jacinda Ardern (not a comment on her politics, just her ability to lead a country through multiple difficult events)
🤜🏼 Empower and inspire 100,000 women into leadership roles so they can make a difference to others
⭐️ I have read more leadership books, listened to more podcasts, read more articles, attended more leadership courses, webinars and programmes than anyone I know. In other words, I’m a leadership nerd  🤓

⭐️ I have a Psychology degree and a Post Grad dip. in Career development and education. 

⭐️ I’m driven by my passionate belief that nobody should be made to suffer through a bad leader and that women have the ability to be (and are already) the best leaders in the world. They just need to take their career into their own hands (with some supportive guidance).